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Most acne responds quite well to Yaz, but you are the exception to the rule. As you may know the FDA approved Yaz to treat moderately severe acne in women who desire a means of contraception. Besides the usual estrogen agent, ethinyl estradiol, Yaz contains drosperenone as its progestational agent. Most progesterones flare acne, however, drosperenone has properties similar to spironolactone, and act as an anti-androgen therefore helping acne.

Hormones fluctuate and vary in women, perhaps, in your case the hormone which was designed to help you, in fact made your acne worse.

If this was your only treatment for acne, perhaps, you were being treated by a gynecologist. They seem to be opening up skin care clinics faster than dermatologists so I suppose they think they are expert at treating acne too.

At any rate, there are a host of excellent treatments available. With the widened armamentarium we enjoy, there should be no reason for scarring. Topical medications, including a new one in Aczone, there are new versions of old antibiotics such as Doryz and Solodyn; laser such as the Smoothbeam, Photodynamic therapy, Blu-light, Isolaz, hormonal treatments such as Spironolactone and of course, Accutane.