Latest trends in lasers NYC New York NY

Undoubtedly, the latest and really exciting trend in skin laser treatment is the development of fractional laser technology, in particular fractional CO2 resurfacing. CO2 lasers have been around for a long time and have proved to be a fantastic tool for facial skin resurfacing - removing lines, wrinkles, pigmentation, and skin tightening. Unfortunately, sometimes patients took months to recover, and sometimes removing too much pigment left obvious "laser stigmata".
The new technology has allowed us to maintain the efficacy of the CO2 laser and minimize the downtime and the risks. It is becoming the new gold standard in the skin resurfacing. Among the many new lasers, Active/Deep FX by Lumenis is one of the most powerful and safest machines. The combination treatment allows us to choose the precise settings for each patient to successfully treat lines, wrinkles, sun damage, pigmentation, old scarring and acne scars. It improves skin texture and tone, and dramatically rejuvenates the appearance. The downtime for this treatment is about a week, and it is quite worth the results that the patients get.